1What people are saying about Amb-OS:

"Amb-OS all the way. Dependable, fast, and great tech support. The system is pretty much bullet proof from my viewpoint."--Keith Sanderson, Station Manager, KMOC-FM

"If I could vote 10 times to have a ministry program distribute via AMBOS, I would. The system just works, and in the event of a local computer failure the files are all present locally on the AMBOS hardware, so collecting them even in an emergency is simple."--Dan Harder, Systems Engineer, KPOF-AM

"We prefer to receive programming through Amb-OS. Amb-OS has the advantage of allowing us to download the program in a hurry if something goes wrong, which is invaluable to us. It's the perfect balance of reliability and usability" --Dalan Decker, Programming Director, The Rock Radio Network

"AMBOS is definitely what I'd recommend to programmers. Not only is the system extremely reliable, but the support team is top-notch." --Tim Roberts, Operations Director, KMOC-FM

"The Amb-OS receiver and software work together beautifully to keep our programming current. I believe it's the easiest and most reliable system that we have had for program distribution since I've been in radio." --Andy Larsen, Manager, WHWL-WEUL- WHWG