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What does the AMR-100 receiver cost?
For stations desiring to purchase a spare or second receiver, the AMR-100 or AMR-100I (Internet-only version) is $595 (while supplies last) and is sold through Satcom Resources (http://www.satcomresources.com/Amb-OS-Media-AMR-100-Receiver). 

Does the signal interfere with my Unity 4000?
Not at all. The two devices will work side-by-side without a problem.

Does this make my Unity 4000 obsolete?
No. The Unity 4000 will continue to be used by other full-time networks such as Salem and USA.

How do you "guarantee" delivery?
By using the AMR-100 receiver's connection to the Internet to "report home" when there are missing pieces of the audio file (also known as "packets"). In that instance, those missing portions will be re-transmitted, via Internet, if so configured, until the file is complete. This return connection is not critical for the receiver to operate.

Will you send any types of files other than audio?
It is possible, yes. Since the AMR-100 is an intelligent storage and transfer host, it can store just about any type of file which may include: Promo packs, copy for on-air support, training videos, graphics for Web promotion, etc.

Will the current FTP sites go away?
No, but we certainly encourage you to use what will be your "in-house" storage and transfer site for many programs. Since the AMR-100 will reside on your local area network, the transfer speed will be nearly 100 times faster than from remote FTP servers.

How do I know which files to obtain?
A full list is available at http://www.amb-os.com/programs.  There, you'll find the programs available as well as a link to the live broadcasts being sent via Amb-OS.

On file naming, it appears that all the program files will have a date stamp.  Is there a way to add a Day of the Week code on the file? 
Yes.  Our User Interface (UI) gives you that option.  You can download the interface at: http://www.amb-os.com/ui

There's a concern on the varying audio levels that the different programmers send out.  Is there maybe a way to include a normalize (compander) feature when converting them?
We've established a -6dBFS normalizing process for all of the contributing ministries. The current version of the UI provides normalization, should you wish.

How do I get a copy of the receiver manual?
Two ways:

1)     You can browse to the support page on our website: http://www.amb-os.com/support.html or
2)     There is also a pdf version of the manual on the receiver that can be accessed by browsing to your receiver's IP address.  Click on the graphic of the receiver near the middle of the page to download it.  BTW..the version on the receiver itself is always the most recent manual available since we download it via satellite directly to your unit when it becomes available.

What programs are available from Amb-OS?
The list of programs that are available is viewable on our website at www.amb-os.com/broadcasts.html

How can I get programs sent to my receiver?
Visit our online Permissions Portal to request new programs or make other changes. Here's a web page that gives more details.. http://www.amb-os.com/portal.html

Why can't I see the files on my receiver?  I used to be able to.
This could happen as a result of the receiver's IP address being re-assigned by the DHCP server after a power cycle or firmware flash reboot.  This problem can be minimized by:

- Setting a STATIC (fixed) IP - see pages of the AMR-100 manual

- Making sure the receiver is on an uninterruptible power supply (UPS); at the very least it should be
  on a protected power strip

To find the receiver's new IP address:

- Press the ENTER button twice on the receiver front panel

- Scroll down until you find the IP address; write the number down carefully and enter the new IP address in the AMR-100 software User Interface